2023 BEACH BRAWL: 9/22-9/24

2017 WOD Order

Posted on September 26, 2017

Below is the WOD order for the 2017 Beach Brawl:


Male Rx/Male Masters 40,50:
Grace, Couplet, Chipper, Beach

Elite/Female Masters 40,50:
Beach, Grace, Couplet, Chipper

Male Scaled/Female Rx:
Couplet, Chipper, Beach, Grace

Female Scaled/Youth:
Chipper, Beach, Grace, Couplet

Scaled 4 Female
Sandbag, Rig/Barbell, Reverse, Erg

Rx 4 Male/Masters 4 Male:
Rig/Barbell, Reverse, Erg, Sandbag

Scaled Mix/Scaled 4 Male:
Reverse, Erg, Sandbag, Rig/Barbell

Rx 4 Female/Rx Mix/Masters Mix:
Erg, Sandbag, Rig/Barbell, Reverse